10 steps to success

Instruction manual of bonding / debonding process
with speedXbond

Step 1: Clean both partners with speedXbond cleaner

Step 2: Treat both partners with speedXbond primer and make sure that both partners (especially the blind hole in the head) are dry before applying the adhesive (wipe on, wipe off)

Step 3: Apply enough speedXbond adhesive into the hosel and on the shaft tip to make sure that there is enough adhesive in the bonding gap (and not in the shaft) after joining both parts

Step 4: Plug in the power cable into the wall socket and into the generator and switch on the speedXbond generator (position I). The machine is ready, when you can see the BONDING/DEBONDING screen on the touch display after several booting pictures.

Step 5: Chose between the programs BONDING or DEBONDING. After clicking on BONDING you can see the screen in the middle. Please press START to get to the BONDING screen on the right.

Step 6: Apply a spot of Thermo Paint on the hosel. Put the joined club into the gap of the coil and make sure that the position of the club (in particular the hosel in the coil on the left side of the generator) is correct

Step 7: Start the bonding process by pushing down the contact pin with the hosel. The pink bar begins to grow. Remove the club immediately, when the blue color of the Thermo Paint on the hosel disappears.

Step 8: Proof the quality of the bonding after cooling by twisting and pulling the head and the shaft with both hands

Step 9: Internal debonding for metal shafts
If you want to extract a metal shaft chose DEBONDING, start the debonding process by pressing down the hosel on the contact pin und heat up the hosel until you can see a little smoke plume. Do not wait until 100 % of the debonding time are reached. Then extract the shaft from the head by moving both parts away from each other with both hands in axial direction.

Step 10: External debonding of carbon shafts
If you want to extract a carbon shaft you can use your own extracting tool to avoid shear stresses by torsion, which can destroy the shaft tip.

Put the club into an extraction tool and chose DEBONDING on the touch screen. If the hosel is long enough, you can use the standard gap coil (1) for debonding. Take it out from the generator and press it over the hosel. The debonding process starts if you press down the contact pin in the coil gap with the club head. Heat up the hosel until you can see a little smoke plume.
If you want to debond a Driver or a 3 Wood you may need the second coil type called cube coil (2). Switch of the generator and change the coil by plugging off the standard coil and plugging in the cube coil. Then heat up the hosel by pushing the blue starting button on the cube coil.

If the heat was enough to destroy the bonding the head will be seperated from the shaft by an axial force caused by turning the pull-off spindle of the extracting tool.

Instruction manual with illustrating figures
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